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The Derby Royal Hospital All Staff.. Thank you A very big Thank you to The Derby Royal Hospital. Antonella de Rosa and Dina Hossani..The two great surgeons and their team who saved me. Oliver Peacock and Philip Herrod Registrars and their team, worked really hard testing samples and getting the medicines ready to fight off every infection. They kept reassuring me and smiling. Your all great people and so valuable. LG, Gladys and Sally and team in the intensive care unit. You did everything for me. Staff on Ward 307, Roel, Cath, Michelle, Clyna, kelly, Katee the trainee nurse and all the other nurses and care assistants. Scott and the porters who pushed me around. Thanks to the staff on ward 306 and in the medical and surgical assessment wards! A big thank you to Sue at the walk in centre on Osmaston Road who spotted my Pulmonary Embolisms and called the Ambulance so fast! Thanks to the other nurses and staff there also! Thanks to the staff and Doctors in Accident and Emergency, X-ray ad CT scan. Thanks to the Paramedics and Ambulance crews. Thanks to the District and Community Nurse Helen and others. All those people at the Derby Royal Hospital I have not mentioned, I have not forgot you and say thank you to everyone a million times, thank you for saving my life and Nursing me better! You are all stars..Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, am so happy to be alive.. Mark
Viewed by: 481 visitors. Uploaded: 4 years ago
Published in: Derby area.
Published from: April 04, 2015.
Region: East Midlands
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Thank you Derby Royal hospital and especially the lovely Doctor in Casualty called DR Holly! Sorted my pain out and my problem..Great Hospital...
Left by Mark: 30/05/2019
Its been 4 years since this and the pain is back this time in my bladder. When I eat it hurts so bad and stabbing pain in my groin. I need to come back..I feel bad have had a lot of medical care..
Left by Me the original patient for the above thank you message..: 29/05/2019
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