Publishing my novena to St Claire as promised, thank you for everthing. Pls bless my mother and family members and me too in this place where I fear almost every day of persecution. Keep me away from all wrong doings and protect me in good life and health. Ask St Claire for three favours, 1 business, 2 impossible, and say nine hail marys and the following prayer for nine days with a lighted candle. Prayer: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified and loved today and everyday throughtout the world forever. Amen . Publish on the ninth day
Left by William Fernandes: 16/04/2019
Holy Saint Clare!! Thank you Holy Saint for your kind are the most virtuous Saint. Kindly shower your kind blessings on us. My only and dearest son is doing well in his career .. he has been given a verbal offer for a shift in his working place and an interesting work profile too, which my son is indeed showing great interest and has already send his CV in this regard. Saint Clare I am sure with your grace and blessings this job will definitely suit my son and with his continuous hardwork will progress in his professional life. God willing hopefully Saint Clare my son will be selected to join an already efficient team of professionals. May this professional venture of my son which is nearer to our home prove to be lucky for my son and may he make it big there with his sincerity and hardwork and of course with the blessing of You Holy Saint Clare most virtuous! Kindly grant me this first Impossible Business Wish Holy Saint Clare! Also I am facing some career related issues regarding shifting of my present place of work..Kindly bless me and may I be absorbed in the existing offices in this building presently. May I not be shifted far off from my present place of living and if need arises I join my son at his new work place if that too happens with your Grace! My personal wish..Kindly fulfill Please bless my husband and parents with good health and peace in their lives.. Bless me Saint Clare .. Kindly grant me 1 impossible Business wish and 2 personal wishes.. May all these miracles by you Holy Saint Clare that takes place in my life prove to be luckier for me and my family.. Thank you Virtuous Saint Clare for being there for me always.. Hail Mary! Glory Be's, Our Father! Beena
Left by Beena: 05/04/2019
Thank You Holy Saint Clare for your kind intercession..My first Impossible business wish is almost fulfilled and yes indeed a miracle. My desperate prayer has been heard by you Holy Saint Clare for which I shall remain indebted all my Life. Kindly shower your blessings on us and be our guiding star in our life.. Thank you Holy Saint Clare Beena
Left by Beena: 02/04/2019