Thank you St. Clare for prayers answered. Publishing the prayer as promised. P.D. Novena to Saint Clare. In front of a lighted candle, say this prayer: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified and loved today and everyday throughout the world, now and forever, Amen. Ask for 3 favors 1 business, 2 impossible. Say 9 Hail Mary’s and the following prayer: God of mercy you inspired St. Claire with the love of poverty. By the help of her prayers may we follow Christ in poverty of spirit and come to the joyful vision of your glory in the kingdom of heaven. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son, Who lives and reigns with the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen. Pray for 9 days, promise to publish or circulate on the 9th day. Your request will be granted. Never known to fail.
Left by P.D.: 28/12/2021
Publishing as promised on the ninth day. ST. CLARE NOVENA Ask for 3 favours, 1 business, 2 impossible, say 9 hail Mary's with a lighted candle for 9 days, publish on the 9th day, also say this prayer for 9 days. May the most sacred heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified and loved today and every day throughout the world forever. Amen
Left by C: 03/11/2021
Publishing as promised to you St Clare. I have faith my petitions will not go unheard. Thank you St Claire. Left by RC.
Left by Regina : 03/11/2021
Thank you St Clare for favours granted DM
Left by D: 03/11/2021
Candle 11
Left by Niamh.D :