Thank you St Clare,we are safe and healthy,I know you pray for me and my family to have a long healthy and safety life.Also please answer my impossible wishes,please pray for me to recieve an abundance wealth and build my own small business. I know there is no impossible, I believe in prayers and I always believe in you.
Left by MAV: 11/07/2021
Prayer to The 3 Archangels,St Michael,St Gabriel,St Raphael,(Light 3 white candles on a white plate,and put sugar around it,ASk the 3 Archangels for 3 wishes One Business,2 impossible,3 Love,Do this prayer for 3 days,Publish prayer on 3rd day.Prayer: St Michael,St Gabriel,and St Raphael,please be with me today,Please hear and answer my prayers,with your divine grace,imtervention,and kindness,I love you all please help me,so that my prayer requests all come true,quickly,Amen.(Mention Requests here)Heavenly father,you have given us,archangels to assist us,during our pilgrimige,on earth,St Michael is our,protector,I ask him to come to my aid fight for a;; my loved ones,and protect us from danger,St Gabriel is a messenger for Good news,I ask him to help me clearly,hear your voice,and to teach me,the truth St Raphael,is the healing angel,I ask him to take my need for,healing o , that of everyone I know,lift it up to your,throne of grace,and deliver back to us,the gift of recovery,Help us O Lord to realize,more fully the reality of the archangels,and ther desire to serve us,Holy Angels pray for us.Amen.(say this prayer for 3 days)Publish it on the 3rd day.Your wish should come true very soon afterwards.Toni G.
Left by Toni G.: 01/07/2021
Candle 10
Left by Vanitha boylan :
As promised I am publishing thanks for improved health and improved piece of mind I promise to always pray to Thank you st Claire
Left by Vanitha boylan: 12/05/2021
Bobby Thank you Saint Clare, please answer my prayers, most sacred heart of Jesus, I love you with all my heart and all my soul.
Left by Bobby : 14/04/2021