As promised St Clare. Publication on the 9th Day. Thank you so much. May the most sacred heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified and loved today and every day throughout the world forever. Amen Niamh.D xx
Left by Niamh.D: 03/11/2021
I am publishing as promised on the last day of the novena.. Dear St Claire thank you for your intercession & prayers for the 3 favours. I believe that with your prayers my favour will be fulfilled by God. Thank you.
Left by Celeste : 07/10/2021
Published as promised on the 9th day I know you will grant my requests thanks VE
Left by VE: 06/10/2021
Thank you saint Clare it’s the 9th day and I’m publishing as promised I know you will grant my requests V
Left by V: 05/10/2021
I am publishing as promised my thanks for your intercession dear St Clare I know that you will assist me in whatever be God’s will. Thank you
Left by C: 11/08/2021